More than 20 years of experience and excellent delivery in Procurement and Laboratory Management

Procurement Experience

10 years as „Head of Procurement Synevo Laboratory Group“

Superior understanding of actual market prices

Impressive deal closing track record

Hands-on equipment and systems experience in the fields of Biochemistry, Immunochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, PCR, Allergology, Autoimmune, ELISA

Vast amount of information regarding quality of Systems and Tests collected through complex comparison studies

Long-term relationships with high level negotiation partners in all major instrument manufacturers, significantly increasing the chances for obtaining better conditions

Building procurement and operational organizational structures from the ground up - experience in significant EU markets

Laboratory Experience

18 Years of laboratory experience in diverse top management positions

Executive Management Experience of Laboratory chains in Germany, Poland and Ukraine, totaling more than 100 M € in revenues

Led 5 M&A transactions including sale of own laboratory

Built Greenfield project in Ukraine to become largest chain of laboratories with over 40% off the market

Designed complete laboratory layout and workflow for multiple central hubs with over 20 M € turnover per location

More than 30 projects managed directly or coordinated in the last 5 years, with more than 50 M € total budget

Rich medical laboratory knowledge

Case studies

More details can be provided upon request, respecting all confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.


Recent achievements include: