Who we are

D-LAC is a company that provides consulting services to Laboratories and Laboratory chains in the areas of Procurement, Workflow Planning, Laboratory M&A, Laboratory Automation and Laboratory Design.

Spearheaded by Jeroen Driessen, with strong partners that cover the entire EurAsia markets, and with a large network of specialists at our disposal, we are able to tackle projects of any size and complexity in any of these markets.

We are defined by professionalism, flexibility and speed, with a track record of 100% goal completion in the last 2 years and over 90% in time project delivery.

Our expertise

Through our internal resources and extended network of specialists, here are our areas of expertise:

Procurement contract negotiations

Internal purchasing processes redesign

Understanding of cost and price structures based on the different specific country legislation

Building procurement and operational organizational structures from the ground up

General Management of laboratory chains

Business Development

Greenfield Project Planning

Business Case Building and Assessment

Laboratory Workflow Analysis & Design

Laboratory Automation Design & Implementation

Laboratory M&A Analysis and Post Merger Integration

Project Planning & Management

Areas that can be offered based on request

Process efficiency analysis and implementation of various methodologies

Laboratory construction, laboratory construction

Our process

STEP 1 – analysis of the whole laboratory procurement flow

For every Procurement project, we always start by doing an analysis of the whole laboratory procurement flow. Our standard analysis includes reviews of current contract conditions versus expected growth, reagent and disposable purchasing and usage and current instrument configuration; based on request, it can be however extended to identifying secondary and tertiary cost saving sources by looking at sample flow, personnel management, logistics, or test panel analysis.

STEP 2 – work together with the Customer

Second step and crucial to the success of our projects is to work together with the Customer, understand its partnership history and preferences and together decide on the procurement strategy, expectations and mode of operation. Based on the data garnered from the analysis and the understanding of the business demands and the Customer’s preferences, we then prepare a proposal that covers all test portfolio, including equipment and supplier options, layout, and implementation requirements.

STEP 3 – cost saving

In case cost saving through instrument optimization and operational efficiency is requested, an in depth analysis will be performed, in cooperation with existing suppliers or the supplier of choice, resulting in laboratory sample and workflow redesign proposals and configuration of automation proposals. Pending on approval from the Customer, this can be added to the existing contract negotiations, or parallel negotiations can be started.

STEP 4 – negotiation process

If the proposal has been accepted, we then lead the negotiation process, presenting the Customer with the final options. Trust and partnership are the cornerstones of our foundation, therefore should you chose to become our Client, you would be informed of any development at every step and the final decision remains fully in your hands.  You decide our degree of involvement and if desired, we can take over project management for post negotiation implementation that can range from reagent supplier change to full lab automation implementation.

STEP 5 – project completion

If our services are required for Greenfield projects, or full laboratory build-up and set-up, a market analysis will be performed (available upon request) and used by our experts as the base for building the business case and the P&L to be presented to the Customer’s Management Board for approval. Upon acceptance, D-LAC can provide assistance or the actual resources for a task force that will manage the project for its entire duration. Should D-LAC be required to assume project leadership, we would provide resources on the ground for the entire implementation phase, to ensure seamless communication with key stakeholders and timely delivery on the agreed milestones. Pending project completion, we always ensure complete integration with existing workflows and business activities through a carefully planned takeover process that includes providing full documentation of measures taken, lessons learned presentations, and knowledge transfer sessions to key stakeholders identified by the Customer.